Ringo Star


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I’ve been referred to many times as the “Octopus Artist”. I get a real kick out of making
these and they’ve been so enjoyable I’ve made them in many different compositions and colors. The elegance and playfulness of their tentacles are fun to layer, wind around each other and the canvas. Ringo Starr was a Beatle, and the famous song “Octopus’s Garden” was one of the few songs that Ringo both wrote and played. The story goes that the song came about when Starr was on a boat belonging to comedian Peter Sellers in Sardinia in 1968. The boat’s captain told Starr about how octopuses travel along the sea bed picking up stones, crustacean shells, sea glass, bottle caps and other shiny objects which they place into piles building “gardens”. It seemed fitting to add sparkling paper and gems to all my octopus tentacles. The papers used in its tentacles are from sheet music and lyrics to this song, and are mixed in with warm colors – more golds, oranges and bronzes. An interesting little fact is that octopus have three hearts, and if you examine Ringo Starr closely, you’ll find three hidden hearts in his tentacles! This can be a nice partner to Wiggle Room, as the water is more blue and less green. These Octopus fit in with any coastal decor, and are especially popular bathroom art, as they are serene and calming in watery settings.