New Beginning Blossom Giclee


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This piece was part of a series I did for a show featuring large scale floral and botanical pieces. I created huge flowers made solely from layers of paper and collaged them on top of backgrounds with patterns made from stencils. Later, I added smaller more delicate rich red blooms and pops of yellow sprigs to add contrast in size and color. Beginning Blossom differs from many of my other pieces in its palette. The use of the buff and taupes mixed with the light gray allowed me to add the white flowers on top where they could echo the lights in the stencils pattern. Since these blossoms are fully open, it reminds me of the openness required to have a “beginner’s mind”, inspiring its title. I like the idea of dropping our expectations and preconceived ideas about something, and seeing things with an open mind and fresh eyes, just like a beginner. I hope Beginning Blossom opens up something in the viewer, to see something in life just a little bit differently.

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