Happy Hour


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Happy Hour has been my most popular piece over the years, hands down. Even though I made this original years ago, I sell the prints of this piece more often than any other. I think it’s the fauvist elements, with the orange and pink palm fronds that capture the viewer’s imagination. I created it right after returning my first trip to Florida with my father. I immediately started thinking…I want to move there! I was impressed with the grande and sturdy Royal Palms that are much different than the palms in Texas. I researched the symbolism of palms and their importance in religion in ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean. Look closely and you’ll see some of those words subtly across the trunk of the palms. In contrast with the palms I’ve created previously, I wanted to show these as they usually are, blowing in the wind! I had actually collaged most of the three tall trees on the canvas when I was inspired to change up the vibe. I wanted this piece to reflect that golden hour, the time when the day is over and you relax and the sky comes alive to sign off on another day. I pulled the trunk paper up, and painted the amber sky, then collaged back over it! The fact that Happy is part of its title is another element that people enjoy. Whether you have a drink in your hand or not, if you love beach life, this is such a beautiful and happy part of your day!