Hear the Sounds


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I’m inspired by the Spanish artist Regina Saura. She is known for capturing everyday objects like chairs or coffee cups, and re-examining them. I made a few pieces with quirky chairs similar to hers on the beach, then felt led to create a set focusing on these funky chairs. You’ll see the words, “speed of life”,  and some sheet music in the leg of this chair. Since there were two, and included music, I named them after the fun childhood game of Musical Chairs.

The writing came about from an exercise I did when studying at the Houston’s Fine Art Museums Glassell School. We were to write our dreams down at any point during the night when we woke up, whether we could see or not, and just scribble the words down. It was always fun in the morning to see if I could read the strange and overlapping sentences, and remember what I was dreaming about! This reminded me of stream of consciousness writings and art of Cy Twombly. He would add scribbly quotes from poets to his pieces, so I included a few words from a Coldplay song!