Wiggle Room


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I’ve been referred to many times as the “Octopus Artist”. I get a real kick out of making

these and they’ve been so enjoyable I’ve made them in many different compositions and colors. The elegance and playfulness of their tentacles are fun to layer, wind around each other and the canvas. Wiggle Room, while I meant it as an Octopus, could also be a squid. This one is different from the other Octopuses in that you can see most of the body. The papers I used in its tentacles are also warmer with the golds, umbers and bronzes. This can be a nice partner to Ringo Star, as the water is more blue and less green. These creatures are popular bathroom art, as they are serene and calming in watery settings.  I used pearls and crystals on the tentacles. When you look at Wiggle Room, you’ll notice the ornamental quality which looks as if its shining and reflecting light, a little fancier than your average Octopus!