Pocketful of Posies Giclee


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I did a series with Hibiscus by this title. The idea behind it is a reminder to notice the beauty in the world, as much of it is brief, like the short life of a hibiscus bloom lasting a single day. Hibiscus have a history in India, as the red blossom is the flower of the Hindu Goddess Kali. In Hindu worship it is used as an offering to her and Lord Ganesha, so I used part of Kali’s story in the green leaves. There is video showing the creation of these botanicals found HERE (link to the video). I found these wonderful philodendron and pigmy palm leaves from my yard, and using spray acrylic, they became the stencils. The hibiscus and other blossoms were all made from paper, and then layered on. After making this series, when I see a Hibiscus now, I appreciate its beauty in a new way, knowing its influence through time and around the world, and mostly because I remember that it will be gone tomorrow.

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