Lifes a Beach


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Many artists inspired by the bright colors of beach umbrellas have played with this aerial perspective. It’s irresistible, so I wanted to give it a try! I had recently visited the cool beach resort La Playa in Naples, and after experiencing the view of the beach from from the high floor above, I knew it was my time to make one as soon as I got home! Made in the Shade is also an aerial view beach piece, but Life’s a Beach is all paper. This one has some interesting little people in it with in the sea foam and light blue patterned water. You can discover them when you look up close! Along the shoreline, I have intricately cut white paper, lace, and pearls to achieve the unique patterns of the water coming onto the shore. The brilliant color of the umbrellas pop over the tan canvas of the sand. Brightly colored towels offer more activity and suggest the presence of people under them or in the water, leaving their little flip flops in the sand. In retrospect, I added the shadows. I think they help add contrast and dimension, and of course suggest cool shelter from the sun.