Gone With The Wind


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Another all-paper piece, this has many words from songs about the sea. You’ll discover them in the water and in the boats. The piece has a deep blue horizon line then gradually transitions to a lighter turquoise and then a sea foamy color at the bottom. If you like sailing, especially in Florida, you’ll experience this change in the water as you go deeper. I wanted to mix different colors and patterns both in the water and in the sails. You don’t see the sun in this one, but you do see its reflection shining on the water, warming things up. Up close this one has many surprises in it! You’ll find fish, scuba divers, swimmers and a dolphin or a turtle. It’s not obvious, but it’s fun to add these images that give life to the water. Gone with the Wind can be divided into three pieces if you’d like a triptych, or made more square if it’s too long. Because of its shape, this piece looks great over beds and is interesting in living rooms or dining areas. If you love sailing life, you can set sail on your walls at home, and be Gone with the Wind!

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