Silent Partners


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One from the series of pieces made exclusively out of paper, these all have a quilt-like feeling. This particular image was inspired by the Snowy Egrets I often see in the morning at Siesta Key hunting for their breakfast. This was one of the first pieces where I began to use my own work to collage into a new piece. If you look at the birds you will recognize them from the Audubon Series. I was able to use a bird I had already constructed, and with the digital image I turned them the other way, made them a bit smaller and printed them out so I could then cut them up, and relocated to make them look a little different. The title is obviously a play on words, but they really are silent partners, usually working in tandem. There is a quote by an Irish Poet named Robert Lynd I used in my book, Gulf Coast Collaged, that says “ In order to see the birds, it is necessary to become part of the silence”. If you can slow down and get quiet, you can really experience their beauty. I hope the piece can bring you this sense of joy and delight.