Serendipitous Sentinel


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Wild white peacocks roam around some neighborhoods in North Sarasota. I was commissioned by a dear friend to create a piece with a white peacock, and this piece and Eye See You were the result. This one particular bird sat on her fence, peeked in her home, and actually showed up on her front door step one day. This is a good omen actually, signaling prestige and success in a relationship or career. Peacocks can symbolize self expression, spirituality, awakening, integrity, freedom, guidance, and protection. Place this in your home and I hope some of these qualities may come to you! Serendipity is something that just happens by chance that is beneficial, so I felt like this was an appropriate word to use in the title, and Sentinel refers to a guard whose job is to keep watch. I felt that this peacock was there as a measure of protection. This piece was created by layering paper containing stories about white peacocks with some sheet music collaged in then painted blue. You can see this when you look closely. I made each feather out of pieces of paper, and layer upon layer, the peacocks were built.