Pretty in Pink


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I often get requests from customers for a particular subject matter, and a popular one has been flamingos, especially in Florida. So here comes Pretty in Pink, the title made famous by with the teen comedy brat pack film or by the Psychedelic Furs song also from the same era.These birds are usually seen balancing on one leg with one tucked in under their body, typical of the elegant flamingo style! Flamingos form strong “pair bonds” so it is common to see them with another hot pink babe. The curvature of their graceful neck along with their vibrant pink color make them a vision not to be missed in the wild. I saw my first large flock at the end of a very long bike ride in Grande Turk at dusk. Seeing the vast swath of pink, and hearing the loud calls swept me completely into their world, and I was forever hooked on these glorious birds. After making this piece, I became a fan and understood the longing for pieces of art featuring the great flamingo!