Good Vibes Set


Good Vibes - Green

Good Vibes - Blue

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Siesta Key is full of “Good Vibes” naturally because the sand is made of 99% Quartz Crystal. Its reputation of energizing and healing powers stretch across the globe. Quartz is an excellent receptor and emitter of electromagnetic waves, and as these atoms vibrate at a high frequency, it effects the atoms in our bodies and makes us feel good! These pieces are composed as if you were looking at the beach from the water and the shoreline is active with splattered paint! If you are familiar with this beach, you will know the lifeguard towers are green and blue and red and yellow. You will see words about Siesta Key and the sand in the towers, grabbing your imagination just enough to fill in the rest of the story yourself. It is said that on Siesta Key Beach you can let the crystal sand beneath your feet vibrate and amplify your own energy and help connect your soul, to the soul of the earth. So here’s to Good Vibes!

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