Eye See You


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Wild white peacocks roam around some neighborhoods in North Sarasota. I was commissioned by a dear friend to create a piece with a white peacock, and this piece and the Serendipitous Sentinel were the result. This one particular bird sat on her fence, hopped on her roof, peeked in her home, and actually showed up on her front door step one day. I learned that the round “eyes” in the feather symbolize the all seeing and all knowing eyes of God in Christianity. Sometimes in life I think that people just want to feel like they are seen for who they are, not what they do. Simply being a human being is enough, and being exactly who you are is so important. So “Eye See You!” as a title spoke to me in this way. Both of these pieces were a labor of love, literally. I made each feather out of individual pieces of paper, and layer upon layer after many hours, the peacocks were built.