Don’t Worry Beach Happy


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I wanted to create a piece that used some of the hibiscus and coastal flowers Ive used in the Beautiful But Brief series, and incorporate them into a coastal scene. Some are right up close to the picture plane, to suggest more space in the piece. I used flower paper in the palm fronds too, to add a little pop to the towering tree. I recently found some papers that were the perfect colors and had little veins of gold metallic running through them, and I love to use those papers in water. They look as if the sun is shinning and reflecting on the waves. There are also papers with patterns that have some yellows, corals and pinks near the horizon line, that echo some of the colors in the palm, and just help those colors to kind of dance around the piece. This is just a peaceful, colorful place out of my imagination. Bobby Mc Ferrin wrote the popular reggae song “Dont Worry, Be Happyā€¯. Its such a charming and simple phrase, so I changed it a bit, to offer the idea to not worry, and let the beach make you happy!