Bliss Palm and Soul Palm Set


Bliss Palm

Gallery Wrap - 20 X 50

Soul Palm

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I hope I can bring to my fans happy, blissful, soulful art. Bliss and Joy are our part of our innate state of consciousness if we can just uncover it! I added this word in the title because it helps bring it into life! This piece was created as a set with Soul Palm. I liked these words, and you can see them if you look up close in the palm tree trunk. They were taken from a Marianne Williamson book. I have used many pages from her books over the years because I love the words she uses, and I have many used copies of “Illuminata” especially laying around, as I often gift this book to friends. On this piece I used a very light palette of coastal colors, and some silver leaf to make this one shine. These make a great set for any beach house or coastal home.

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