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When Spirit wants to attract your attention in a positive way, you may spot a red cardinal in a special quiet moment. Many believe this bright red bird is good luck for the day and the spiritually sensitive believe a sighting is a sign of a loved one coming to pay a visit in a way that brings you joy. I’ve used birds often in my work because they such are a potent symbols and embody many of humanity’s hopes and dreams. They connote both the human and the divine spirit through their soaring freedom of movement, and their linking of earth and sky. I thought Ashlar was a handsome name for this symbolic bird, he understands the architecture which builds the composition of this piece. It was created with layers of acrylic paint and stencils for the background. The flowers, branches, leaves, and the bird itself are all made of paper. I hope this spirit animal may wing its way into your life when you are on the horizon of a new relationship or other significant life event!

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